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Articles that every Small Business Owner should read!

  •   Your business’s online reputation management can be at risk from anyone who can write or comment on blogs and other social media, often for no other reason than competitor jealously, lack of understanding about the polices and processes of the business or just trying to shift blame for their own...
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  •   One of the most important relationships you will have in your life is your relationship with money. Everybody’s relationship with money is different. It can be influenced by things you learned about money when you were a child, your family circumstances when you were growing up, good and bad experiences with...
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  •   New Zealand’s failure to bring home the America’s Cup is truly disappointing and also a reminder of what it takes to succeed. Winning a yachting regatta has many parallels to achieving financial success. To begin with, you need to be absolutely determined and focussed on achieving your goals. Having set your...
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  •     1. Staff are your weakest link   Regardless of firewalls, anti-virus and spam-filtering software protecting your business assets they can all be compromised by staff not trained in basic security practices. Your business should have a well defined security policy that includes a staff section including rules such as: 1) Not following any instruction...
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  •   Here’s a scenario that plays out in the marketplace every day in Small Business, USA: “My business is really growing these days,” a small business owner confides to his friend, “but we’re still experiencing negative cash during the month.” This entrepreneur’s lament is one of the great ironies of the marketplace: A...
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  •   There’s a management problem in the working world today: there’s too much of it. Management, in theory, is a tool for improving productivity. The reality is that too much management can actually damage your overall output. As an example, asking your workers for progress updates multiple-times-daily feels like you are keeping...
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  •   How to separate real problems from things that just appear to be problems?   When thinking about the problems you face at your business, it is very common to come to mind a series of facts and events that you consider to be problems. These problems are so many that it becomes...
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